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Delights in the World of Cookies: From Rame di Napoli to Krumkake

Delights in the World of Cookies: From Rame di Napoli to Krumkake

Regarding confections, cookies occupy a particularly dear position in our hearts. They are diverse in appearance, consistency, and taste, and each possesses a distinct history and cultural importance. As we explore the realm of biscuits, we shall acquaint you with a selection of delectable varieties originating from various parts of the world. Prepare for a delectable journey through the chocolate-coated Rame di Napoli of Sicily, the traditional Thai Thong Muan, and the crispy Brutti ma buoni of Italy.

Rame di Napoli: The Sicilian Delight

Originating from Catania, Sicily

Rame di Napoli takes the show in Catania, Sicily, where our gastronomic expedition commences. These delectable chocolate-coated biscuits are an absolute pleasure to the palate. Sugar, flour, milk, cocoa powder, butter, baking powder, honey, orange marmalade, cinnamon, cloves, and orange rind are the essential components. They are dusted with pistachios or hazelnuts after being generously coated with a mixture of melting dark chocolate and butter subsequent to the baking process.

However, Rame di Napoli’s charm resides in its adaptability. Diverse ingredients, including Nutella, pistachio cream, fruit marmalades, and stewed fruits and vegetables, are incorporated into variations of this traditional Sicilian dessert, each of which adds a distinctive spin.

Delights in the World of Cookies: From Rame di Napoli to Krumkake

Thai Crispy Rolls: Thong Muan

A Golden Delight from Thailand

The vibrant streets of Thailand, where Thong Muan, the “gold roll,” awaits us, are our next destination. These authentic Thai treats bear resemblance to a cigar-shaped wafer made of crisp pastry. Rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, eggs, and sesame seeds comprise the batter. After being cooked until crisp, the wafer is skillfully formed into a tube while it is still soft and hot. Regularly available at roadside OTOP stores, Thong Muan is a light, subtly sweet snack that pairs well with coffee or tea.

Delights in the World of Cookies: From Rame di Napoli to Krumkake

Punschrulle: A Swedish Marvel

A Swedish Delight with an Unusual Name

Let us now embark on a delectable journey to Sweden, where Punschrulle assumes a prominent position. Encased in green marzipan, these Swedish pastries contain a filling composed of cocoa, crumbled cookies or cakes, and punch, an exclusive Swedish liqueur composed of arrack, neutral alcohol, sugar, water, and wine. Both ends of the rolls of biscuits that are formed are dipped in chocolate. Punschrulle, alternatively referred to as “dammsugare” or “vacuum cleaner,” is an amusing delicacy that combines wit with flavor.

Delights in the World of Cookies: From Rame di Napoli to Krumkake

Occhio di Bue: The Italian Gem

An Italian Delight Resembling a Bull’s Eye

We are now transported to Italy on our gastronomic voyage, where pastry shops adorn Occhio di Bue. Traditional Italian pastries that bear a striking resemblance to the Austrian Linzer Augen. Two traditional shortbread butter biscuits are stacked on top of one another, with a delectable fruit jam filling that is usually strawberry, apricot, or cherry in flavor. A coating of icing sugar gives them their distinctive “bull’s eye” aspect once they have baked. Although these cookie sandwiches are available throughout Italy, their prevalence is greatest in the northern regions. Contemporary iterations frequently incorporate almond meal and substitute fillings such as Nutella or chocolate.

Delights in the World of Cookies: From Rame di Napoli to Krumkake

Amygdalotá: Greek Almond Delicacies

Delicate Almond Cookies from Greece

Let us embark on an expedition to Greece in order to indulge in Amygdalotá, which are refined almond pastries fit for special occasions. Almond meal, egg whites, sugar, and an assortment of flavorings including orange blossom water, liqueurs, and vanilla are utilized to make these pastries. They are typically adorned with almonds or almond slivers and are available in an assortment of forms. Frequently bestowed as presents at christenings and marriages, Amygdalotá enhances the melancholy of momentous occasions.

Delights in the World of Cookies: From Rame di Napoli to Krumkake

Hamantash: A Taste of Jewish Tradition

The Triangle-Shaped Cookies of Purim

We then proceed to Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, where the dish Hamantashen is prominently featured. These customary pastries represent the Jewish holiday of Purim. Their triangular shape may represent the ears or the triangular headdress of Haman, depending on one’s perspective. In addition to eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, and salt, the dough may contain citrus zest and vanilla on occasion. There are an infinite number of filling options, such as poppy seeds, apricots, raisins, almonds, dates, and more. Hamantashen is a delectable homage to the Kosher Torah.

Taai-Taai: Dutch Chewy Delights

Dutch Cookies for Festive Occasions

A biscuit originating from the Netherlands, Taai-Taai is renowned for its rigid and chewy consistency. Comprised of flour, sugar, baking powder, and eggs, it is seasoned with honey and aniseed, which are traditional ingredients. These pastries, which are shaped like Sinterklaas himself, animals, or hearts, are especially well-liked during the Sinterklaas holiday.

Coyotes: A Mexican Culinary Treasure

A Mexican Cookie Full of Sweet Surprises

At this moment, Coyotas invites you to savor the vivacious flavors of Mexico. These biscuits, which originated in the nineteenth century in Hermosillo, Sonora, are composed of a flour dough that is stuffed with piloncillo, which is unrefined Mexican sugar. “Coyotes” is a colloquial term and literal translation that mean “female coyote” and “coyotes” refers to a female of mixed Indian and Spanish ancestry. Optimal when accompanied by coffee or tea, these cookies also complement a generous dollop of ice cream or a swift dipped in milk. A diverse selection of variations can be observed, encompassing fillings such as peaches, pineapples, caramel, dates, guava, figs, and peaches.

Iced VoVo: An Australian Classic

A Beloved Australian Biscuit

We reach the pinnacle of our expedition in Australia, the land of the renowned Iced VoVo biscuit. These biscuits, which are composed of wheat flour, are adorned with raspberry jam and pink fondant segments that have been dusted with coconut. Australians have held Iced VoVos in high regard for more than a century, culminating in a momentous occasion in 2007 when former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd referenced them during his victory speech. Commonly accompanied by a glass of tea, these cakes are notably well-liked at children’s birthday celebrations.

Krumkake: A Norwegian Christmas Tradition

Norwegian Wafers for the Festive Season

Moving on to Norway, we shall investigate Krumkake, an aesthetically pleasing wafer cookie that is a traditional delicacy. Eggs, sugar, vanilla, flour, baking powder, cardamom, and butter are all components of the mixture. Once baked, these delicate wafers are rolled, frequently stuffed with whipped cream, and sprinkled with powdered sugar; as a result, they have become a much-anticipated Christmastime delicacy.

Brutti ma Buoni: Ugly But Delicious Italian Cookies

Visually Unappealing, But Incredibly Tasty

Brutti ma Buoni pastries can be found in Gavirate, a small city located to the north of Milan, which is our final destination. Its name says it all: an exceptionally delectable dish that is visually unappealing. Typical ingredients for these pastries include egg whites, almonds, butter, sugar, flour, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Despite the fact that they fail to place in beauty contests, their flavor is an authentic Italian culinary masterpiece.

Upon delving into the enchanting realm of cookies originating from various countries, one will discover that each one recounts a distinct narrative and stands as an exemplification of the opulent gastronomic customs of its native land. Therefore, why not attempt to prepare these cookies from around the world in the comfort of your own kitchen and embark on a gustatory voyage without leaving the house?


During this palatable expedition, we have examined biscuits originating from diverse regions across the globe, each endowed with unique flavor profiles and cultural import. These cookies, which range from the visually unappealing yet incredibly palatable Brutti ma Buoni of Italy to the soft, chocolate-covered Rame di Napoli of Sicily, provide an insight into the world’s delectable diversity. Therefore, regardless of your level of interest in cookies or merely desire to expand your gastronomic horizons, we encourage you to enthusiastically undertake an international cookie tasting expedition.

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